Glowup guide 2020, how to glow up

If you have opened this page this means you have been wondering how to glow up for the new year, because you have had enough of 2019 and its B.S.

2020 is upon us and it’s time for us to take our life under a microscope.

2020 is our year people.

We have been waiting on the sidelines, building, growing, learning. But this is the year of GLOW.

Not only will it be one where we will start to see our blessings manifest but the fruits of our efforts reap sweeter than ever.

I built this guide for myself initially but I thought why not share it with your lovely self as well.

I have selected the easiest most crucial things some glow up hacks, some glow up tips, (tips not tricks) that you could start today to make 2020 a magical one.

Hope you enjoy this Free Ebook on How to Glow Up in 2020 Guide!

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